Christians Need to Vote

Christians need to get out and vote this election!  I know for many of us both presidential candidates give us the willies.  But obviously there is much more on the ballots than just the president and we need Christians to vote.  Different groups estimate that somewhere between 30 and 50 million Christians did not vote last election at all.

This country needs many things but one of the things we need is people who love the Lord with all their heart soul mind and strength to be praying, wrestling over the candidates and issues, making tough decisions and voting.  The uncle of one of my best friends in high school is the president of My Faith Votes, a group working to motivate Christians to vote.  Check out the website here:

It’s amazing that so many initiatives and candidates end up being decided by as small a margin as a few hundred votes only to find out later that thousands of Christians decided not to vote.  Don’t let the Christian vote be silent this year!