Islam is Indeed a Religion of Violence

     A couple of weeks ago 2 ISIS terrorists entered a Roman Catholic church in France during the mass and slit the throat of the priest whose name was Jacques Hamel.  I don’t watch a lot of news but it seemed to me that this event went largely uncovered.  Maybe it wasn't covered because only one man died instead of a hundred.  Maybe there was some other reason but it’s clear that people are afraid to call these attacks what they are:  religious war. Muslims are acting in the name of Allah and in accordance with the teachings of Muhammad to exterminate other religions through violence, especially Christians and Jews.

     A March 18, 2016 article in the Christian Science Monitor cited the evangelical Christian group Open Doors, which found that, "... more than 7,000 Christians were killed because of their faith last year and that doesn’t necessarily include the numbers from Iraq, Syria, or even North Korea, where accurate data are difficult to obtain.” Another source noted that Christians are the single most persecuted religious group in Islamic countries.

     Islam is a religion of violence.  The fact that many Muslims try to contradict this amounts to simple denial of the truth.  Liberal Muslims try to reinterpret the Koran and other teachings to reflect modern sensitivities to violence.  These modern sensitivities which, by the way, were given to us by the Christian west.  The fact is that conservative Muslims, that is Muslims who believe the Koran and understand the context in which it was given, are killing people in vast numbers and believe it is perfectly right to do so.  This is not a radical fringe movement; it is within the orthodox normal teachings of Islam and includes literally millions of people.

     We must not shy away from proclaiming the truth about Islam, Mohammed, and the history of the religion.  May God give us the courage to speak boldly and to act wisely and may God bring an end to Muslim violence on society.