Shepherding a Child’s Heart #7

     In Proverbs chapter 23, we see both physical discipline and real communication from the heart as both part of fostering wisdom in children.  We have a tendency to think of discipline as only physical, but communication from the heart is an essential part of the Biblical discipline process.

    Being skilled at communication takes practice and there are many aspects to being a good communicator.  Asking good questions, being a good listener, being able to discern half truths or evasion, eye contact, etc., are some of the skills one can master in being a good communicator.  However, there are at least three goals to keep in mind whatever skill set you use:  communication means the ability to understand your child’s motivations not just outward behavior, communication means helping your child articulate their thoughts in a meaningful way, and communication means learning to look at the world through your child’s eyes.

    The incarnation of Jesus Christ is our model for parenting.  He lived in our world, He understands our struggles, and He is able to sympathize with our weaknesses.  When we can truly understand what’s going on with our children, we can better lead them to the cross of Jesus Christ.  Heartfelt communication is key.