Muslims are Killing People in the Name of Allah

I don’t mean to fixate on the Islamic problem in our nation and the world but it is infuriating.   Last week in Tennessee students at Sewanee College were denied permission to put up posters in memorial of 9-11 that recalled various terrorist attacks by Muslims over the last decade or so and had the phrase in the center, “Never Forget.”  The reason given for the denial was because it might offend Muslim students! Are you kidding me! It’s like saying let’s not talk about the holocaust because we might offend some Germans.  People are being beheaded, blown up, and murdered and they are worried about offending Muslims students.  Besides, talking about these attacks shouldn’t offend peace loving Muslims anyways, right?  Does this mean they are concerned about offending their terroristMuslim students? I’m flabbergasted. 

Apparently the students put them up anyway and were quickly suspended and not long after had their suspensions reversed.   We cannot be afraid of speaking the truth and the truth offends sometimes.  The truth is that Muslims are killing people all over the world in the name of Allah and it must stop. It’s not a small fringe group of people it is a religious sect that, while it certainly does not include all Muslims, does have millions of followers; not hundreds, or thousands, but millions.  And while the news focuses on Hilary Clinton’s health and Donald Trump’s hair, people are still dying.