The Eyes of Maturity

Galatians 4:1-7

            Here in Galatians Paul uses Israel as an example to teach those reading that they are the sons of God.  In these verses we have the concept of maturity applied not just to the individual’s growth in Christ but the corporate people of God.  Israel, he says, were like children under the guardians of the Old Covenant, but now that Jesus has come, the people of God have “grown up” and are no longer under the guardianship of the Old Covenant, but are sons under the New Covenant. But what are the implications of this change?

            For the next several blogs we will attempt to explore the meaning of the maturity of the people of God from infancy under the Old Covenant to maturity in the New Covenant.  In many ways this will be just another way to explain the relationship between the Old and New, its changes and similarities.  But through the eyes of maturity, I believe, new light is shed on many of these changes.