Covenant Progression

     This idea of the development of the people of God, discussed in the last entry, can be seen in the progression of the covenants God has made with his people throughout history.  Far from being a random set of unrelated covenants in the Scripture, we see that they are actually all intimately connected and really part of one single covenant we could call the covenant of Grace. Each administration of the covenant reveals more of the character of God as he prepares his people for the coming of Jesus Christ.  I’ve heard someone describe it like this:  each covenant is like the partial opening of a door to a room with the light off.  Each time the door is made a little wider you can see more of the room, although it is still shadowy and dark, until the New Covenant where the door is wide open and the light is turned on.  

     It’s also like the growth of a child into a mature adult, which we’ll discuss later, but next we’ll briefly look at these covenants that make up the covenant of Grace and its progression.