Covenant Progression: David to Jesus

The next major covenant administration is the Davidic Covenant.  The door is opened a little wider and reveals more of the glory of God and His plan of salvation.  In this covenant, there is a move from tabernacle to Temple.  No longer roaming the earth in a tent, the Temple is a permanent fixture of God’s presence in the Promised Land.  It’s bigger, covered with a lot more gold, altogether more glorious than the tabernacle, and signifies a maturing of the worship of God.  In conjunction with this, musical instruments, hymns, and psalms are now an important part of worship, more closely reflecting the worship of God in heaven. 

            The fact that the Promised Land is finally completely conquered under David is also very important.  Up until David, even though Israel was in the land, there continued to be Canaanites dwelling amongst them. In fact, Jerusalem remained a gentile stronghold for 450 years or so until David finally conquers it and makes it the center of the Kingdom and worship of God.  In the Davidic Covenant we see more clearly the victory of the Kingdom of God over all the earth.  God actually promises David that he will build his house and his throne will be established forever, anticipating the never ending rule of the Messiah, the son of David, Jesus Christ, King of Heaven and Earth. But this plan gets interrupted by Israel’s unfaithfulness.

            God judges their unfaithfulness by destroying the Temple, which Israel thought was impossible, and sending them into exile.  Israel keeps breaking its covenant with God, but God in His mercy keeps moving forward and makes another covenant with His people, often called the Restoration Covenant.  This covenant is not as simple to find but through Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Ezra and Nehemiah and other places we see the return of Israel to the Promised Land and, again, a new Temple is built. This temple is not as glorious as Solomon’s and really sets the stage for the more glorious temple of the New Covenant.  The Restoration Covenant, therefore, while revealing God’s great mercy toward His people in forgiving their sins, really eagerly awaits the full revelation of the glory of God and His plan of salvation in Jesus Christ, which we will begin next.