New Covenant Temple

Among the most amazing changes from Old Covenant to New Covenant concerns the Temple.  Peter Leithart, in his excellent book,  A House for My Name, shows that the whole Old Covenant could be summed up as God building “A House for My Name.”   The goal of the covenants is that God’s people would be reconciled to Him. That relationship of reconciliation is reflected in the presence of God dwelling with His people.  This is not only true of the Old Covenant, but also wonderfully describes the New Covenant as well. 

            The history of the Temple clearly shows how the relationship of God's presence dwelling with His people has improved and matured through the centuries.  Before the tabernacle, access to God was extremely rare. After the tabernacle was built, God's presence was dwelling with His people in a tent, but they had no permanent home, wandering the earth. The establishment of the Temple, a glorious white building full of gold inside, marked a new era for the people of God as they enjoyed the presence of God on a more permanent basis. But even this amazing building was not to be the final “home” for the presence of God. A new even more glorious Temple was to be built.

            In the New Covenant, the greater Solomon, Jesus Christ, came to bring the Temple to its fully mature and complete form, the Church(Ephesians 2:19-22; 2 Corinthians 6:16; I Peter 2:4-10).  In this infinitely more glorious Temple, the Spirit of God would dwell not behind veils, but in the hearts of all who have faith in Christ.  No longer a building but made of people, the New Covenant Temple is able to spread throughout the entire earth! This means, also, that the Promised Land is no longer contained by the boundaries of Israel, but encompasses the whole planet.   A more glorious Temple indeed!